Over Dimensional Flatbed Freight Service

Over Dimensional Freight Service

Over Dimensional Freight Service - Flatbed Trucking Companies, flatbed companies, list flatbed trucking companies, flatbed transport companiesMelton Truck Lines has a team of experts in our over-dimensional department that facilitate load routings, obtaining permits, streamlined guidance, and other special requirements. We are a full-service flatbed and stepdeck carrier, offering both legal and over-dimensional loads to best satisfy our customers shipping needs.

What is Over Dimensional Freight?

Over-Dimensional, or “OD” freight, is any product that exceeds one or more of the standard legal size criteria implemented by each state.

Melton Size Limits for Over-Dimensional Loads:

Over Dimensional Flatbed Freight Service

Melton flatbeds can load up to 65’ long material, but the load must be under 38,000 lbs to scale legally and must be self-supporting material.

Over Dimensional Stepdeck Freight Service

*Certain restrictions apply to loads greater than 10’ wide. Contact our Special Services Coordinator at 918.270.9657 or, for additional information.

When the size of the load exceeds one or more of these limits, it is considered Over-Dimensional. At any time if a load exceeds 8’6” in width, it will be considered over-dimensional in every state. Every state has different length limits for combination vehicles, so Melton’s over-dimensional department takes extra care to make sure our unique load is routed and permitted correctly.

Is my load eligible for a permit?

For a load to be eligible to operate under a permit, it must be a “non-divisible” load. This means that the freight must be one solid piece that cannot be easily disassembled and made into smaller pieces that will fit within the legal-size limits of the trailer. If a load is over 8’6” in width, it must be one piece that cannot be altered to fit within the legal-size limits.
Multiple pieces placed side by side would be considered a “divisible” load and must be made legal. However, this does not mean that we cannot take over-dimensional freight that is multiple pieces. We can take multiple pieces of over-dimensional freight, as long as the piece(s) causing the load to be over-dimensional fit within the definition of a “non-divisible” load.
Please contact our Special Services Coordinator at 918.270.9677 or, with any questions or concerns you have about O-D freight.

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