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Melton Flatbed Truck Driver Pay

Melton's Base Pay Scale

At Melton, your starting pay is based on your verifiable over the road (OTR) experience.

Once you become a part of the Melton Truck Lines team, you will receive raises based on your accumulated months of OTR experience until you drive 120,000 miles with Melton. At that point, you will continue to receive raises based on the Melton miles you drive.

In 2016, our average driver made over $60,000 and our top driver made over $86,000!

Our base pay scale is below:

Driver's Experience Level Pay Per Mile
Recent Grads/No OTR Exp/Entry Level 41 cpm
3-12 Months OTR Driving Experience 43 cpm
1-5 Years OTR Driving Experience 48 cpm
5+ Years OTR Driving Experience 49 cpm
Top Base Pay (Based on Melton Miles) 54 cpm

Bonus Opportunities

Melton offers many ways for our flatbed drivers to get additional pay. These additional pay opportunities place Melton’s pay and benefits package in the top 10% among North American for-hire trucking companies.

Bonus Pay Opportunities Pay
Sign-On Bonus $1500
Tuition Reimbursement (Recent Graduates) $2400
Fuel Bonus 1-4 cpm
Driver Referral Bonuses $250-$1000

Experienced Drivers - Sign-On Bonus

Once hired with Melton, all experienced drivers will receive $750 at both 90 days and 6 months of employment.

Enrty Level Drivers - Guaranteed Pay

If you are an entry level driver and have to go out with a trainer, you are guaranteed to make at least $850 a week once you get on your own truck. This guarantee will run through your 90-day anniversary. Of course, you can make over $850 based on the miles you run and extra pay you earn, but you will not make below $850 per week your first 3 months with Melton.

Tuition Reimbursement

Recent CDL school graduates that qualify for the Melton’s tuition reimbursement program will receive payments of up to $2400 total paid in 6 - $400 increments over 24 months.

If a driver has outstanding student loan payments of at least $2400, the full amount of $2400 will be divided in to 6 equal payments of $400 and will paid at their 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24-month anniversary.

If the driver has less than $2400 in student loan payments, Melton will reimburse the total owed divided in to 6 equal payments at the same specified anniversary dates as noted above.

All Drivers - Fuel Bonus

Drivers receive an additional 1-4 cpm fuel bonus payouts monthly based on the dispatched miles driven in the previous month and their most current rolling 3-month MPG.

Driver Referral Bonus

If you refer a driver and they are hired with Melton, you will receive the payouts below as long as you are still an active driver.

Driver Type Total 30 Days After Hire 6 Months After Hire
Experienced Drivers $1000 $500 $500
Recent Grads/No Experience $500 $250 $250
Rehires $250 250

For additional information on how to refer a driver or to keep up with the latest contests please visit

Additional Pay Opportunities

Extra Pay Opportunities Pay
Tarp Pay $40/load
Over Dimensional Loads 8 cpm
Hazmat Loads 6 cpm
Canada Loads 6 cpm
Extra Pick Up/Drop $25
Clean DOT Inspections $25
NYC Borough Pay $75
Holiday Pay (6 Holidays) $30
Layover Pay $50/$75
Breakdown Pay Varies
Vacation Pay 1-3 Week's Pay

Tarp Pay

Melton drivers receive $20 to tarp a load and $20 to untarp a load. You will receive $10 per stop for tarped loads.

Over Dimensional Load Pay

Melton drivers receive an extra 8 cpm on top of their base pay for any over dimensional load.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Load Pay

Melton drivers receive an extra 6 cpm on top of their base pay for any hazmat load

Canada Load Pay

Melton drivers receive an extra 6 cpm on top of their base pay for any load going in to or out of Canada.

Extra Pick Up/Drop Pay

Melton drivers receive an additional $25 to pick up another load or cross Canada’s border.

Clean DOT Inspection Pay

Melton drivers receive an additional $25 for any clean DOT inspections.

NYC Borough Pay

Melton drivers receive an additional $75 for traveling in to the NYC boroughs. Traveling in NYC is less than 1% of our freight.

Holiday Pay

Drivers receive an additional $30 per day for paid holidays, including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Layover Pay

Drivers receive $50 after 24 hours and $75 each additional 24 hours of waiting after your last “Empty Call” request.

Breakdown Pay

Melton does our best to keep our trucks rolling with top of the line maintenance and 24/7 outside repair, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control or take longer than normal to repair. The amount of breakdown pay will be determined on a case by case basis.

Vacation Pay

Drivers receive one week of paid vacation after one year of employment, two weeks after two years, and three weeks after ten years. Vacation pay is based on average weekly wages and is paid on a regular pay check.

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